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AVAILABLE in UK, Aberdeen. Click Here for more information.

About This Course

IOSH Managing Safely Certificate The overall aim of this course is for candidates to acquire knowledge and practical skills to manage competently, the health & safety issues at their workplace and to international accredited levels.


At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Apply basic management principles and practices to health & safety issues as part of a total business strategy
  • Set practical health and safety objectives, plan and implement courses of action to achieve those objectives
  • Recognise safety and health hazards present in the workplace
  • Ensure adequate information, training and supervision is provided
  • Investigate incidents and take remedial action
  • Understand and implement their legal responsibilities


The course comprises of seven core modules delivered over 3 days.

  • Principles of accident prevention
  • The costs of accidents
  • Common and statute law (UK Based)
  • Health and safety management systems
  • Safety management models and risk management
  • Workplace hazards, such as fire, electricity, COSHH, noise and work equipment
  • Accident causation and investigation
  • Effective communications
  • Audit and review

This assessed course will cover the application of recognised management principles in health and safety and will equip the delegate to tackle the issues in their own work place.

Delegates must allocate sufficient time after the course for completing a workplace based assignment.


The course is designed for anyone (managers, supervisors, team leaders) who has responsibility for "managing" health and safety and needs a OHS qualification; anyone requiring a broad basic based knowledge in health and safety or has a need to develop practical safe systems of work.


This course is assessed by:

  1. A short written/objective multiple-choice paper. 
  2. A workplace based written assignment in English.

Delegates who attend and successfully complete both the practical and written assessments, will be awarded the Managing Safety certificate issued by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in the UK.

The practical assessment must be completed in the delegate's workplace and submitted within two weeks of completing the course. A minimum pass grade of 70% is required for certification.

Note: Tuition is in English but candidates can request their final examination in dual language, contact us for more information.


    Full Time training will be delivered face to face over a 3-day period with examinations on the final day. Also available in Aberdeen, UK.
  • E-LEARNING New Launch
    E-learning is delivered via our interactive portal over a three month period per unit (options to extend). Recommended Course Study: 24 to 36 hours to complete. Register here.


It is well recognised by all parties that time can erode both knowledge and skill.

To overcome this, for delegates who took the full IOSH Managing Safely course within the last three years, IOSH is now recommending that they sit a re-certification course prior to the end of their three-year period.

For those who took the full course more than three years ago, IOSH recommends that they undertake the full 3-day course.


This course can be tailored to reflect your organisation's system of work. It can also be presented as an in-company package at your company's facility and/or preferred location. For further details such as corporate rates and schedules, please contact us.

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PDF iconDownload IOSH Managing Safely Course Information Flyer (e-learning ~ NEW)

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Student Testimonials

  • "Thank you so much for nice training you've provided us in Dubai. The training was really useful and informative and the way you teach is excellent." - Younas Bhatti
  • "The trainer used good local examples." - Wu Xiuqi
  • "Safety can be very dry topic but mixing it up with videos, hands-on games, interactive trainer and well-timed breaks make the topics easy to learn." - Lee Yan Xiang
  • "Knowledgeable & experienced trainer. She was able to provide first-hand accounts of the relevance of safety to our everyday lives." - Shahrain Bin Mahmood
  • "Animated trainer who used real life relevant examples to inject cutlist into the text/course workbook. Great course!" - Pauline Ruth Cassidy Appleyard
  • "Group activities allowed us to think aloud together." - Soo Hang Jian
  • "I enjoyed the presentation by the lecturer. I felt he was very experienced and I was gaining valuable information. Felt privileged to be a part of it!"- Michael Marc Maurice
  • "I enjoyed the interaction with colleagues and knowledge gained on safety. I loved it!" - Bradley James Sams
  • "I enjoyed working and learning in our team environment. Particularly enjoyed learning new methods and concepts!" - Roger Whennell
  • "The course is relevant and job specific. Provides an overview of managing H&S in the UK without too much unnecessary details." - William Flo
  • "Not formal. It was made as enjoyable as possible." - Jonathan Bullock
  • "The trainer make the course very interesting." - Alex Woong Kok Hoong
  • "Good course with smart objective." - Ashish Misra
  • "The instruction is good." - Adriana Sola
  • "The trainer conduct the course in a fun way. Lots of interaction with trainer." - Lee Bee Jin (Joey)
  • "Trainer was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Maintained a good pace throughout and got through the material in a timely manner. Never once had to revert to notes in order to get her message across. Well delivered." - Doug Grant Sangster
  • "Nurul was an excellent facilitator and got the best out of attendees. She also was extremely knowledgeable on content." - Shannon Jyles Postma
  • "Trainer was very professional." - Colin Moray
  • "The facilities are excellent, clean and neat. Food and drinks are provided during break. Overall there's no complain." - Melati Putri Ferzi
  • "Good coach and interesting session." - Simon Tan
  • "It was very informative." - Melvyn Morais
  • "Trainer is very knowledgeable, patient and approachable." - Tan Khien Boon Erick 
  • "Overall, I have enjoyed the course not too hard, not too easy. I feel I will be able to transfer these skills somewhere else." - Ryan McQueen
  • "Good interaction between participant and trainer. Clear messages provided, good balance between teaching, questions exercise, videos." - Beaujon
  • "A good overall refresher." - Iain Smith
  • "Engaging presenter kept everybody interested." - Matt Williams
  • "Overall very good. Well presented. Good materials. Not too complicated. Good venue." - Linda Sibbald
  • "More exposure, more knowledge and training material provided is good. Good presenter & trainer. Fluent and friendly presentation of material." - Mohd Hosni Bin Mohd
  • "Nurul made the course easy to understand and very interesting. She quoted many good examples for us to understand the cases. She is a very good experienced teacher." - Emily Chow Yuen Yan
  • "The trainer made the course fun and interesting." - Mohd Fazli Radzi
  • "I enjoyed the interaction with team members and trainer; Enjoyed all parts of the course." - George Thomson
  • "Nurul made it a very interactive and enjoyable course. Her ability to involve the class and make it enjoyable as well as informative is a real statement; Not only informative but also helped to bond the attendees as a team."  - Michael Lewis
  • "There was good interaction between trainer & trainees." - Edmund Fernandez
  • "I have learned much on actual activities performed during the risk assessment in Proserv Batam and learned to determine the hazard, risk and improvement of the safety." - Mohd Zaki Bin Jupri
  • "It is interactive, not monotonous. Very informative." - Pradeep Nair
  • "It's a good course when I think everybody should attend. Good work! Excellent! Thanks for the knowledge." - Ahmad Saifulhak Ashari
  • "The course gave an excellent (even though exhausting!) coverage of all topics related to health & safety. Just a note of thanks to Nurul for being such an animated & resourceful trainer. Excellend knowledge of H&S from which we learnt a lot. Thanks Nurul!" – Aroshi Perera

  • "The content of the course fits for our purpose. That is perfect!"Tony Lau

  • "It gave a very good appreciation of the importance of H&S. The message definitely sunk in."Narasimha Shrikanth

  • "I just want to thank Nurul formally for the quality of the training that you conducted this week, the feedback from all the participants was excellent. You brought what could be a potentially very dry subject to life and achieved s aim of raising awareness of H&S (and managers’ responsibilities in relation to it) amongst the senior team. They now have to build on this and “walk the talk”. The whole process from initial email contact, the meetings we had on the ‘phone to customise the course and the final delivery was first class. I am most appreciative." Keith Charlton, Director of Global Operations and Sustainability of Mainetti

  • “The course contents are very clear and easy to understand; Interesting facilitator.” Zuliana HJ Nayan

  • “I enjoyed all quiz activity because it made me think more and I gain new knowledge. I also enjoyed on risk assessment activity which gave me an idea how to do in practical (work environment).” Rajariah Kooh Binti Rajalin

  • “This course is very useful in my job.” Teo Kiaw Lee

  • "Friendly, relaxed, informal, knowledgeable presentation. Very pleased with the whole experience. Very professional." - Brian Kay
  • "Friendly & knowledgeable. Presentation of information was simple & straightforward." - Evelyn Wong
  • "The class is clean and tidy. KBA Trainer and the staff are really helpful. I appreciate that the course is completed within the given time frame with much information helping me to understand the lessons further." - Susana Yolandani Ishak
  • "I like the power point presentation, I think it's a good presentation. KBA staff are friendly and commited. Overall I had a good experience while training here."  - Bruce Huckstepp
  • "The classroom space and is excellent. Trainer is able to clarify the required knowledge and she is always willing to work with problems / students by going through it thoroughly. I got to say that the course is intensive but well structured. KBA staff tried their best whenever attending to students needs. Overall I had an excellent experience as well as enjoyable."  - Thomas Veitch
  • "I like the training facilities. Presentation of information is good as well as the other course materials." Velavan
  • "Trainer always make an effort to spend the extra time for students that had any difficulties." Wiwit AC Nugrono
  • "The class size is right. Trainer had a focus approach and very helpful towards to all the students. KBA staff are very courteous, friendly and helpful. The course had helped me to achieve my aim of getting certified." Prashant Dwivedi
  • "The course at KBA made it a lot easier to pass the exam by teaching us not only the content of the course but also the correct methodology to approach the exam. I have applied the principals I've learned on the course to every answer and that is the reason I got the distinction. Many thanks!" Benny Edelman
  • "Thank you for KB Associates' choice of instructor as well as the overall design and conduct of the course. I would certainly recommend any other person I may come across who is interest in pursuing the course." Mr Ku Loi Hock
  • "I would like to thank you for bringing such an informative course to all of us. Please keep in touch and update me on any future course. Thank you." Jonathan How
  • "The course was well run and logistics were fantastic." Victor Wong - Unidive
  • "I would like to thank KB Associates for presenting the IOSH Managing Safely course in an extremely professional manner. The instructor was able to convey the course material extremely well and was very adept at getting his message across." Mick Jones
  • "Helped me to look at H&S issues with fun. Pronunciation of trainer was so nice and easy to understand." James Kim Tae Sik
  • "The course contents are practical and relevant not only at work but also on personal daily activities; The trainer is great and able to make the course not very academic but interesting." Soon Kok Peng
  • "It's an interesting course. Thanks, Nurul." Hoang Le Quynh Thao
  • "The trainer made us alive through out the course and due to her skill, get more things in to the brain; One of the best trainer in town." Chathuranga Chamara