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Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee

Head of Medical (Training Department)

Wayne Lee joined KBAT in February 2009 as a Diver Medic Trainer, having spent his career with the Singapore Armed Forces and deployed in areas such as earth quake relief, Tsunami relief and as a medic trainer at the SDF training school, he brings to KBAT a wealth of training expertise and field experience. A qualified First Aid International Instructor, Wayne is also certified as a Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Trainer hence offering diverse range of medical expertise.

In keeping with the local development, Wayne is an ACTA certified instructor to ensure local courses that are conducted and developed are carried out according to the requirements set out in the guidelines and has recently certified as MOM / NRC Trainer

Pebbles Tan

Pebbles Tan

First Aid Trainer / Safety Coordinator

Pebbles has completed her Diploma in Kaplan and successfully attained Diploma in Commerce (Finance and Banking) in April 2014. She has since converted from contract staff to full-time employment.

She has also completed her Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (ACWSH) and is now certified to assist in our training department as a First Aid Trainer. She is a CRR+AED and Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) Instructor / Assessor accredited by National Resuscitation Council (NRC) Singapore.

She is also a Safety Coordinator who conduct safety induction and partake in company RA for all training and operations alongside with our Safety Officer. She supports all trainers and assists all the departments for general administrative support, preparation of course materials as well as ad-hoc assignments from the management.

She is in-charge of the CRM Management overseeing the usage of CRM system and users.

Johnny Tan

Johnny Tan

Associate Trainer for Occupational First Aid (MOM Singapore)

Johnny previously worked as a combat medic specialist for 14 years in Singapore Armed Forces and he was also a Course Senior instructor of SAF Medical Training Institute for paramedic level 1, level 2 and level 3 Course. During his service, he has been deployed in Timor Leste (INTERFET - International Force East Timor) as one of the medical elements. He is now working as industrial paramedic for projects in oil and gas industry.

Johnny is a level 4 paramedic with (advance life support training) in Justice Institute of British Columbia. He is a full ACTA certified trainer and was appointed as chief instructor for CPR+AED course for KBA Training Pte Ltd  (Medical Training Department).

Wee Yeow Seen (Jesse)

Wee Yeow Seen (Jesse)

Associate Medic Trainer

Jesse has been working at KBAT as a DMT/DMTR Assessor since 2010. He has been a Paramedic with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) since 2007 and has been handling the local ambulance calls, managing both Trauma and Medical cases in the Republic of Singapore. Jesse is a Level 3 Paramedic, trained in collaboration with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). He is proficient in First Aid, Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) as the skills are part of his everyday job descriptions; being certified every 6 months by SCDF, he is very proficient in his pre-hospital care and ambulance skills required for his job.

Working as a Paramedic, Jesse still has the passion to save lives and at the same time, impart his knowledge and experience to others who are keen to learn First Aid, BCLS and AED. He believes that part of being a Paramedic is also to provide education to others in creating awareness and understanding in saving lives.

Loke Jun Hao

Loke Jun Hao

Associate First Aid Trainer

Loke has been extensively involved in the field of emergency medical training since 2003 and has shared his experience with various organizations. His passion in emergency healthcare was sparked during National Service, first, as a Combat Medic before advancing as a Medic Specialist and Instructor for the Singapore Armed Forces Medical Training Institute (SMTI). After National Service, he was engaged by several private training providers to train First Aid, whose clients included Multi-National Companies, Airlines, Shipyards, Oil and Petroleum Companies, Hotels, Gyms and Schools. It was because of his exposure to the various industries that he has been able to contextualise his content to suit his clients’ needs.

To keep himself updated on the latest in life-saving techniques, Loke had completed the International Trauma Life Support Course, which originated from the United States and conducted by Singapore General Hospital in 2011. Within the same year, he took up his Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and Bachelor of Science (Psychology), the qualification brought his training career to greater heights and applied various training methodology, behavioural sciences and communication skills to great effect. Mr Loke also attended and completed a Senior First Aid course in Australia recently.

Steven Tan

Chief Trainer for (NRC) CPR + AED Course

Steven has been involved in first aid training since 2008. First aid courses that he is qualified to instruct includes Standard First Aid Course, Child First Aid Course, and Occupational First Aid Course. He is a CPR AED instructor since 2007 and a BCLS instructor since 2011. He is also a chief instructor in CPR AED. He previously worked as a paramedic at SCDF for seven years. During his stint with SCDF, he has seen and managed many medical, trauma and collapse cases. These experiences prove to be useful when he conducts his first aid training as he can relate and inject realistic scenarios to trainees. In year 2006, he completed his advance paramedic specialist course (level 4) from Civil Defence Academy. 

He is a registered nurse with SNB. Past working experience include ward nurse, industrial nurse, paramedic, and trainer. Qualification he has attained includes Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing from University of Sydney, Diploma in Nursing from Nanyang Polytechnic, WSQ Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (Facilitated Learning) from Institute of Adult Learning, WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health from Ngee Ann Poly.

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