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Assessment Only Pathway (AOP) SSDE Diver

About This Course

The Assessment Only Pathway (AOP) SSDE Diver is designed for experienced divers using Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) who wish to gain a recognised diving certification “(AOP) SSDE Diver Level 2”.

The process is as it states in the title “Assessment Only”, the candidates will be assessed practically only on their skills and safe diving practices that they would have gained over time and logged dives using SSDE. The AOP candidates will also be assessed on their knowledge on diving theory and SSDE safe diving practices.

Course Structure

  1. Diving Theory Knowledge. The candidate will be assessed on their knowledge of local diving legislation and standards, diving physics, diving physiology & first aid, diving hazards, communications procedures, decompression procedures & SSDE procedures and practices.
    There will be a theory examination at the end of the course. The candidate must also be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and simple fractions. Be able to calculate percentages, transpose and solve simple formulas e.g. gas laws, understand written and verbal communications (using English), and communicate easily with others. 
  2. Diver Practical Assessments. The candidate will be assessed on competency throughout the assessment period on their skills and knowledge of the practical use of SSDE. This will involve in water exercises and drills such as simulated rescue drills and use of tools and equipment subsea. This includes a 30 metre Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC) Dive.


10 Days

Class Size

A maximum of 12 candidates per course

Entry Requirements

In order for experienced divers to qualify for this AOP – SSDE assessment process, they must first meet a strict pre-requisite as follows;

  • The candidate must have completed a minimum of 75 Logged dives using SSDE prior to 7th August 2014 (This is the cutoff date which has been agreed on between The Commercial Diving Association Singapore (CDAS) and KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd).
  • The candidate must have a minimum of ONE year experience using SSDE prior to 7th August 2014
  • The candidate must be at least 18 years of age
  • The candidate must be a competent swimmer (able to swim 200m)
  • The candidate must hold a valid and in date diving Medical Certificate signed by a doctor authorised to carryout medical examinations of commercial divers (Ref: Singapore Standard SS511:2018. Medical Requirements 10.2 Medical assessments)
  • The candidate must hold a certificate of MOM / ISO occupational first-aid (including CPR + AED) and Diving First Aid (Diving First Aid may be included in the training / assessment process)


  • There’ll be a mandatory 1-hour (per trainee) pre-enrolment Aptitude assessment conducted a week before confirmation of the acceptance of the full AOP course, at $150 – non-refundable. (This amount would be deducted in the final AOP invoice upon confirmation)
  • Do note that the acceptance of the full 10 days AOP course is subjected to the assessment results on the Aptitude session.


Upon successful completion and passed both the theory and practical assessment, the candidate will be awarded with KBA Training Centre ‘Assessment only Pathway (AOP) SSDE Diver Level 2 Certification’. 

Learning Options

Full Time

Full time training 10 days.

Course Fees

Full Time

Course Fees: SGD$ 5100.59 (exclusive of GST)

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