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Posted: 06 July, 2017

Life On Ropes - INDUSTRIAL Rope Access SYSTEM

Life On Ropes - INDUSTRIAL Rope Access SYSTEM

Globally acknowledged IRATA rope access training from Singapore’s premier academy

We have seen it in the movies as well as on TV: terrified people trapped in high, inaccessible spaces being rescued by trained professionals using ropes and harness. Climbing and descending lithely like Spiderman, these pros help save lives and control damage to property. However, unlike the comics where Spiderman uses only a single strand of web, the professional rope access technician always has a second rope to ensure safety.
This is just one application of what we call ‘Industrial Rope Access’. Industrial rope access is an acknowledged profession. It involves ropework activity which makes it possible for workers to reach hard-to-access places without the use of scaffolding or an aerial work platform.
Rope access training is the grooming that turns an ordinary individual into a dashing safety professional. A professionally certified, skilled industrial rope access technician can formulate plans to safely perform a range of complex tasks such as rescue & hauling, repairs & maintenance, inspection, cleaning, surveying, among others. From power plants to high-rise construction sites, from off-shore installations to deep mines, industrial rope access technicians are in great demand today.

Significance of IRATA Certification

IRATA is the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access.  It has over 400 member companies around the world and has trained in excess of 100,000 rope access technicians worldwide.

For any individual aspiring to work successfully as a rope access technician, an IRATA certification is the definitive prerequisite. It is the globally accepted benchmark for safety, performance and compliance.

Advantage KBAT

As a duly affiliated member of IRATA, KBAT is proud to be at the forefront in offering high quality industrial rope access training. Committed to promoting safety and operational efficiency at the workplace, we map out the training requirements of clients to reduce incidents and optimize cost savings for organisations.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Company committed to continual improvement and implementation of best industry practices. And our leadership team brings to the table 60 years of aggregate experience in the off-shore Oil and Gas industries.

Key highlights of our training programme

  • Fully equipped facility with a wide range of rope access equipment in Singapore
  • Able to offer In-house Training at client’s venue or BESPOKE training to meet company specific training needs
  • Dedicated classroom coaching
  • Qualified, experienced trainers
  • Focus on the importance for proper planning and management requirement during rope access and Rescue Training during emergency
  • IRATA validation included in course fee

Modules offered

IRATA Level 1

Scope: 5-day training course in rope access followed by independent IRATA assessment.
Pre-requisites -

  • No previous experience required
  • Aptitude for working at height
  • Physically and medically fit
  • Minimum age of 18 years

IRATA Level 2

Scope: 5-day training course in rope access, rope rigging & rescue. Independent IRATA assessment.

Pre-requisites -

  • Minimum of 12 months and 1000 hours of work experience in a variety of tasks as a level 1 rope access technician
  • Physically and medically fit

IRATA Level 3

Scope: 5-day training course in advanced rope access techniques, rescue, equipment examination and legislation. Independent IRATA assessment.

Pre-requisites -

  • Minimum of 12 months and 1000 hours of work experience as a level 2 rope access technician
  • Physically and medically fit
  • Appropriate first aid certificate
  • Written recommendation from an IRATA member company or assessor

Train with the experts!

Having an excellent track record in training safety and high evaluation passing rate since inception and in-depth experience in conducting IRATA-approved courses, KBA Training Centre is uniquely positioned to offer you high quality, professionally-driven industrial rope access training.

Enroll today to fulfill your dream of working as a qualified industrial rope access technician.

For more details, please visit the IRATA Courses page.

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