Working At Heights Safety | Tips To Avoid Deadly Accidents


Posted: 09 July, 2018

What you need for working safely in high places

What you need for working safely in high places

What you need for working safely in high places

In many industries, employees are required to deal with many risks associated with working in high places. Safety should be the top priority in these kinds of jobs and thus should be taken seriously. High-altitude falls are generally the biggest single cause of casualties in the workplace contributing to more than one-third of total workplace fatalities every year. Falls are debilitating, they are deadly and one must be prepared to protect their employees. So fall protection is required whenever there is a need for working at heights.

Here are some safety tips that can help in avoiding these deadly accidents

Use of proper equipment

The equipment you choose naturally depends on the nature of your job and thus it is necessary that you must have correct knowledge of selecting your equipment and its proper use. A sturdy ladder, proper footwear, gloves to tighten your grips, a harness, barriers around the workplace, safety goggles, vests and a myriad of other items surely help you avoid major accidents.

Overcome your anxiety

Fear adds risks and especially in high places, one needs to be calm and composed to take the right decision at the right time. If you have trouble with heights then there are mental exercises and professional counsellors who can guide you through. So don’t be afraid to seek help. Not only your safety but that of others depends on it.


If you value your employees’ safety at heights then they must be properly educated and trained. Employers should ensure that all employees undergo regular safety training and ensure regular safety inspections of equipment and comply with safety protocols.

People working at heights must be competent

People who are working at heights require good physical and mental health to overcome the problems that arise suddenly. The ability to focus depends on proper choices and thus makes you attentive to avoid mistakes.

Proper risk assessment

A risk assessment is carried out for all work conducted at heights. Before starting any project, plan in advance and give due importance to risk assessment, which will surely help in avoiding mistakes.

What KBA Training can do for you?

Working safely at heights does not come by chance but takes a lot of preparation, education, training and determination. KBA Training ensures its course curriculum are relevant and certified under ISO 29990:2010 standard, recognised by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore under the Learning Service Provider scheme. KBAT offers Work-at-Heights course for Workers and Managing Work-at-Heights course for different levels of personnel from workers, supervisors, managers and assessors.

With each passing day, KBAT achieves new milestones by setting new standards in safety training, making it a premier venue for international and national accredited training provider in the diving, marine and oil & gas industries to promote safety and encourage protectiveness among organisations.

For more relevant information regarding safety courses to improve safety performance in your organisation, contact us!


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