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Posted: 25 October, 2017

Safety training – More than learning rules and compliances

Safety training – More than learning rules and compliances

Looking beyond the rule books

It is the statutory as well as moral responsibility of business organisations to provide their employees with a safe, healthy work environment at all times; to ensure that no one gets injured or ill at the workplace. Towards this end, industry-centric health and safety norms are implemented across the breadth of the enterprise. And training is provided to employees about reducing risk and responding to contingencies.

It is expected that employees upgrade their skills vis-à-vis health & safety management, learn new techniques or align themselves with latest practices. However, the ground reality is different in many instances. These training programs are often viewed as just a mandatory exercise; the HR Department plays by the rule book and the programs are conducted as a standard routine. But to catch things that are missing out, sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the rule book.

How effective is your current compliance training?

It is time to take a close, hard look at the efficacy of your current compliance training. Is it up to the mark? Does it take into account contemporary business practices and future possibilities? Most importantly, does it meet the needs of your employees?

Standard, off-the-shelf training programs available online are not the panacea to your health and safety management initiatives. Though they may appear enticing initially, they are not the answer to your concerns and challenges. Such programs could create issues like:

  • Irrelevance – Since they are not designed keeping in mind the precise needs of your employees, they lack in relevance both in terms of structure and content
  • Lesser engagement – They fail to effectively inspire your people and the degree of engagement is lesser than expected

Would you really like to spend time and money on such irrelevant programs?

Relevant, hands-on training gives results

Every business is different and so are the risk perceptions and assessment. A training program that appropriately integrates safety protocols that ring with relevance to your employees obviously delivers better results.

Welcome to KBAT’s tailored, fine-tuned courses

Even within the same industry sector, training needs differ from one organisation to the other. As a consultancy and training provider, KBA Training Centre has been constantly in tune with clients’ needs and requirements, as well as ensuring the courses are delivered in compliance to National and International legislation and standards. With that, we have consolidated and upgraded our training delivery mechanism; by offering various online, offline and hybrid modes of learning (classroom, distance, combined, blended and e-Learning). Importantly, we also offer in-house company training and bespoke training that address the precise concerns of your company.

With the digital revolution and smartphone boom, it has generated a significant change in how we access, consume, discuss and share content. It has also shaped how we ‘learn’, and the introduction of a revamped, revitalised e-Learning platform is essential to help learners achieve personal learning objectives or help employees build on related skills to improve job performance and ultimately to attain organisations’ goals.

New features that enhance the learner’s overall learning experience:

  • Multimedia with the usage of illustrated graphics, photos, animations and videos to achieve the learning objectives
  • Interactive quizzes and case studies to build on learners’ knowledge
  • Guided modules with bite-size elements and designated tutor support with feedback to ensure learners’ progression
  • True/False questions and mock examinations to promote learning

To know how your business can benefit optimally from KBAT’s refreshing approach to workplace health & safety training, please contact us.

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