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Benefits of online learning

Date Posted: 03 Feb 2018

Benefits of online learning

KBAT elearning courses

Training in the digital era

The emergence of digital technologies is spearheading a refreshing change in the training arena. Traditional, instructor-based training (classroom model) is rapidly giving way to e-learning. Advantages such as reduced training costs, better convenience and higher knowledge retention are the key benefits that make e-learning an attractive proposition – both for organisations and employees.

Are you time-starved? Go online!

Time is perhaps the most premium resource in today’s fast-paced, urban existence where individuals strive to strike the life-work balance. Physically visiting the academy/institute to attend a particular training program at a specified hour is indeed a drain on precious time. Online learning comes across as the ideal way out. Owing to the great flexibility and convenience of online training, busy employees who are caught up in a hectic daily schedule stand to gain immensely; they can study at their end as per their personal convenience and time preference.

Dispel the doubts

Resistance to change is a natural human tendency. Whenever a new technology is introduced, users are bound to have queries about its effectiveness. Online learning is certainly not an exception.

It is essentially a mindset issue; switching from the conventional, classroom model to a virtual environment and adapting to digital channels is easier said than done. However, once an individual gets accustomed to this mode of learning, it is smooth sailing there on.

Some users could be concerned about the technicalities, such as high Internet bandwidth and 100% uptime. However, this issue is limited to a miniscule segment of learners and it may even not be a permanent problem.

KBAT - The premier academy for globally acknowledged Health & Safety e-learning

As the trusted training provider in SouthEast Asia, KBAT has earned credibility and confidence in the e-learning space as well. We have developed a robust e-learning system that is mobile friendly and stands on a sound foundation of vision, strategy and state-of-the-art technology.

Key highlights of our e-learning programs include:

▪         Multimedia with the usage of illustrated graphics, photos, animations and videos to achieve the learning objectives

▪         Interactive quizzes and case studies to build on learners’ knowledge

▪         Guided modules with bite-size elements and designated tutor support with feedback to ensure learners’ progression

▪         True/False questions and mock examinations to promote learning

We offer globally recognised programme (IOSH and NEBOSH) in Health & Safety, as well as a range of bite-size safety and diving / medical competency development online courses. Our thoughtfully designed, well-structured e-learning courses enable professionals to upgrade their Health, Safety & Environmental knowledge and core skills anytime and anywhere even in remote sites (as long as there is internet connectivity). Employees have the option to gain an internationally accredited certification and advance their career prospects at their own time and pace.

To know more about our e-learning courses, please contact us.


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