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Cylinder Visual Inspection Course

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In accordance with IMCA D 018 Revision 1, the Initial, Periodic Examination, Testing and Certification of Diving Plant and Equipment, detail sheet 10.1, requires bailout bottles to have a thorough internal and external visual examination every 6 months by a competent person.

Recent industry reports and safety flashes suggest that this has on several occasions not been carried out properly or accordingly to the correct standard. Indeed, it is very unlikely that even though the inspection has been carried out by a person deemed competent according to the categorisation in IMCA D 018, that such a person has not received the necessary training to understand the complexities of visual inspection. In brief, if the competent person does not know what he is looking for, how can he examine a cylinder and state it is fit for service?


  • To enable participants to know which examination standard applies to which cylinders and how to interpret the requirements of such a standard
  • To be able to understand the different types of faults, defects & corrosion render a cylinder fit or unfit for use
  • To learn and perform the dismantle and re-fit pillar valves safely
  • Having confidence to certify a cylinder as fit for service


  • Understanding of pressure and forces involved
  • The use of specialist tools and equipment required
  • The inspection standards and the identification of fail/pass criteria
  • The safe working practices, procedures and methodology


It serves as a competency development for technicians from any industry using high pressure cylinders as well as other professionals who are involved in certification of cylinders. It provides the technicians the ability to visually inspect cylinders and identify the potential defects correctly. Thereby eliminating the potential catastrophic failures and associated hazards. Competency certificate also enhances employer/client confidence.


The course is suitable for Commercial Divers, Recreational Divers, Recreational Diving Instructors, Commercial Diving Supervisors, Life Support Technicians, Dive Technicians, Technical Managers, Technicians from any industry using high pressure cylinders and others who are involved in certification of cylinders.


The competency course is open to all delegates who wish to learn the correct way to visually inspect cylinders.


  • There will be an online multiple choice exam to be completed at the end of the course, with a 75% pass mark required.
  • Upon successful course completion and passing the examination and practical assessment, delegates will be awarded with the KBA Training Centre competence certificate of training.

Training Venue

The training will take place face-to-face at KBA Training Centre, Singapore.  We also offer in-house training at your premises, for Singapore-based companies. Please contact us for more information.


 Mode of Study  Full-time - Singapore
 Course Fees  SGD$ 707.00 (exclusive of GST)
 Mode of Study  Full-time - UAE
 Course Fees  SGD$ 848.41 (exclusive of GST)

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Course Schedule

Singapore Full Time (1 day)
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SGD $707.00 Apply
Singapore - Full Time (1 day)
Click "Apply" button for course schedule
SGD $707.00
United Arab Emirates SHARJAH - Full Time (1 day)
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SGD $848.41 Apply
United Arab Emirates - SHARJAH - Full Time (1 day)
Click "Apply" button for course schedule
SGD $848.41

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