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Dropped Object Awareness & Prevention Course

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About This Course

The training is developed to raise awareness of dropped objects throughout the oil and gas industry and beyond. The training concentrates strongly on the basics of dropped object hazard identification, risk assessment and effective risk management. It is based upon Industry and DROPS Forum lessons learned and associated best practices.


At the end of the course, the learner shall be able to:

  1. Understand and define what is a potential dropped object
  2. Know how to identify a potential dropped object and the common causes;
  3. Review methods for the control and prevention of potential dropped objects;
  4. Understand the roles and responsibilities in respect of potential dropped objects;
  5. Know the options available for maintaining awareness and continuous improvement in preventing dropped objects.


Unit 1

Understanding Dropped Objects

  • Terms and definitions;
  • Static and dynamic dropped objects;
  • Primary, secondary retention and safety securing;
  • Causes and causal factors;
  • Incident and alert reviews.

Unit 2

Controlling and Preventing Dropped Objects

  • Hazard Identification, risk assessment and risk ranking;
  • DROPS calculator;
  • Leadership and ownership;
  • Preventive and mitigating controls;
  • Survey inspection and maintenance;
  • Remedial action and improvement actions;
  • Audit/Monitoring and management of change;
  • Tools at height and process Safety;
  • Classification of safety zones;
  • Plan and checklists;
  • Subsea dropped objects.

Unit 3

DROPS through the Supply Chain

  • Considering the dropped objects threats;
  • Improvement opportunities at each stage of the typical chain.

Unit 4

Hazard Observation

  • Interactive and practical application of hazard identification, awareness, and understanding.


This course is recommended for workers who required to work at heights or any personnel that are exposed to dropped objects at work.


This course will be delivered in one day.


This course is assessed by a multiple-choice examination. Participants with 100% attendance and successfully completed / passed the examination, shall be issued with a Certificate of Attainment by DROPS.


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Course Schedule

Singapore [TBC] Full Time (1 day)
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Singapore - [TBC] Full Time (1 day)
Contact us for 2022 course schedule
SGD $364.02

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