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About This Course

What is Coaching for Safety?

Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Practitioners know about the law and the standards that need to be achieved and they often have experience of how other organisations have solved problems. This is the knowledge and understanding OSH Practitioners bring to a conversation and they are prized for it.
Supporting colleagues (or clients) to find the best way forward, requires more than technical knowledge alone. Finding solutions that the team can buy into and own, and manage for themselves, requires the collaborative abilities of a coach.

In coaching for safety, it’s about having “safety conversations” as part of safety implementation. Coaches tap into what those around them know and understand about what is going on and what is possible and it's this kind of collaboration that ensures that solutions really are the best that can be achieved collectively.

Coaches deploy their skills to help their colleagues and clients access their personal resources – their knowledge, their experience and the understanding they have about what’s happening and what is possible – with a view to supporting them to make their own better decisions about how to overcome obstacles and move forward. Coaches exist to be collaborative and supportive and to help others perform better.

It is not just about helping you develop coaching skills. IOSH Approved Coaching for Safety can be a stand-alone course but it can also be the first step in an extended programme of support where the goal ultimately is to build a better culture.

What are the benefits of the IOSH Coaching for Safety course?

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is a unique, highly-participative programme based on a number of practical exercises all involving real-life issues and problems the delegates bring themselves – there is absolutely no role-play.

First launched in 2013, IOSH Approved Coaching for safety has attracted delegates from all over the world and received some of the highest praise

What are the modules covered?

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is a 2-day workshop that covers:

Module 1         What is the role of an OSH practitioner? (And what do practitioners actually do?)

Module 2         What are the attributes of a good OSH practitioner?

Module 3         What is coaching?

Module 4         The GROW Model

Module 5         Group coaching conversation

Module 6         What are the attributes of a good coach?

Module 7         Curiosity exercise

Module 8         Coaching skills session 1 (The coach practices GROW being person-centred)

Module 9         Active listening (Includes an active listening exercise)

Module 10       Coaching skills session 2 (The coach practices GROW, being person-centred and actively listening)

Module 11       Being solutions-focused

Module 12       Coaching skills session 3 (The coach practices GROW being person-centred, actively … you get the idea)

End Test          Successful candidates receive an IOSH Certificate

How will the course be conducted?

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety will be conducted live via Zoom.


 Mode of Study  Virtual Learning
 Course Fees  SGD$ 570.00 (exclusive of GST)

For More Information

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Course Schedule

Virtual Learning Virtual Learning (2 days)
Contact us for corporate delivery and pricing
SGD $570.00
Virtual Learning (2 days)
Contact us for corporate delivery and pricing
SGD $570.00

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