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Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training - Aptitude Day

About This Aptitude Day

Commercial Divng Career Path Progression

If you are interested to become a Commercial Diver, but not sure what this would involve, now is the opportunity to find out by signing up for the FIRST ever Commercial Diving APTITUDE DAY! This trial session will allow you to experience the use of commercial diving equipment, and provide you with an overview to the Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training programme that allows graduates to enter an exciting new career as an inland/inshore commercial diver. This session also gives one a chance to assess his/her suitability before committing to the Level 1 (four-week) and Level 2 (four-week) programme, as well as explaining on the available Course Funding and Job Placement opportunities.

Inland/Inshore commercial divers typically work in shallower depth ranges down to 30 meters and are employed primarily on ship husbandry / maintenance, marine construction, shipyard construction & repair, docking operations in shipyards, inspection and projects conducted within harbours and inland waterways. No previous diving experience necessary to attend.

During the commercial diver training programme, candidates will learn the theory aspects to being a commercial diver including safe diving practices and get to experience realistic tasks associated with Inland/Inshore diving operations. Candidates will be assigned work tasks using Hydraulic and pneumatic tooling as well as the use of Underwater Oxy Arc cutting (burning) equipment. These work assignments will assist the diver with gaining valuable training and experience on the tools before working in industry.


  • Safety Briefing
  • An overview of 'What is a Commercial Diver'
  • Experience what it is like to be under pressure in a dry dive in one of our Deck Decompression Chambers
  • See a wide range of commercial diving equipment
  • Have a trial dive using Commercial SCUBA Diving & Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) in our diver training tank.


Minimum 4 - 6 hours


S$150 inclusive of GST


Maximum 6 persons per session


Suitable for individuals who aspire to start a commercial diver career.


Upon completing the Inland/Inshore Commercial Diving Training, candidates would explore the following career (A short list but not limited to these positions):

  • Inland Inshore survey / Inspection work
  • Inspection & ship husbandry (Light tasks only)
  • Aquarium Diving
  • Scientific Diving
  • Archeological Diving
  • Film & Media Diving
  • Inland / Inshore Underwater Construction Diver
  • Ships Husbandry
  • Ship’s Hull Cleaning
  • Ship’s Repairs
  • Shipyard Diving
  • Underwater Welder
  • Search and Recovery
  • Salvage Diving
  • Inspection Diver


  • For the Aptitude Day, the candidate will be required to sign a medical waiver and liability release form, and undergo a short medical assessment prior to conducting the trial dive.
  • To attend the Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training, the candidate must possess a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive in accordance with Singapore Standards SS511:2018.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a competent swimmer.
  • Understand written and verbal communications (using English), and be able to communicate easily with others. (Note: This is particularly important where trainees or instructors are of differing nationalities)


Upon successful completion of this Aptitude Day, you may be offered a place on the next ISO 29993:2017 Standard Commercial Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CSCUBA)* and Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diver* courses with S$150 to be offset from the course fee. *Terms and conditions apply. Course Funding available for Singaporeans/PRs. Details will be explained during the Aptitude Day.

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Course Schedule

Singapore Half-day Trial session before Level 1 training starts
contact us for 2021 enrolment
SGD $150.00 Apply
Singapore - Half-day Trial session before Level 1 training starts
contact us for 2021 enrolment
SGD $150.00

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