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Legionella in the Workplace (Management Responsibilities)


About this Course

This course is ideal to supplement workplace training designed to give personnel the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the water systems in their workplace.

This course is based on the UK guidance (Legionnaires’ Disease - The control of legionella bacteria in water systems HSE UK L8 (Fourth edition) Published 2013, United Kingdom and Legionnaires' disease - Technical guidance HSE UK HSG274, United Kingdom aimed at duty holders, including employers, those in control of premises and those with health and safety responsibilities for others, to help them comply duties in relation to legionella. These include identifying and assessing sources of risk, preparing a scheme to prevent or control risk, implementing, managing and monitoring precautions, keeping records of precautions and appointing a manager to be responsible for others. In Singapore information shall also comply with the Environmental Public Health (Cooling Towers and Water Fountains) Regulations 2001, Singapore guidance. This course gives guidance on:

  • risk assessment;
  • the specific role of an appointed competent person, known as the ‘responsible person’;
  • the control scheme; review of control measures;
  • duties and responsibilities of those involved in the supply of water systems.


At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the nature, symptoms and causes of legionnaires disease
  • State the current applicable local legislation for controlling Legionella or as a minimum requirement of the Control Standards as per HSE UK
  • List responsibilities and communication
  • Recognise the importance/need for accurate record keeping, training and competence
  • Identify various process water systems within and explain risk factors and control measures required to operate these systems safely
  • Demonstrated an understanding of control and monitoring requirements for process systems within a group discussion
  • Have successfully completed a written delegate assessment


The course is delivered full time in one day.


Suitable for maintenance supervisors, safety officers and team leaders who are responsible for the water systems in buildings.


Candidates will be assessed through multiple choice examination. Upon successful completion, candidates will be awarded a certificate from KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd.

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