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Underwater Oxy Arc Cutting (Burning) Course

About This Course

The course is open to certified commercial divers who wish to gain training and certification for the use of underwater burning equipment.

Divers engaged in underwater cutting using burning equipment need to be competent in the task, aware of the hazards involved and safe practices when conducting such tasks. This course is designed to raise the diver’s level of competence and safety awareness for the use of underwater burning equipment through theory based presentations and in water practical  training demonstrating the safe use of this equipment.

The course is structured around the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) 471 Document — “Oxy-arc underwater cutting recommended Practice” and IMCA D003 Guidelines for Oxy-Arc Cutting. No previous underwater burning experience necessary.


  • Theory sessions on Underwater Oxy Arc Cutting (Burning) procedures and safe use with a final written exam
  • Three days in water practical cutting tasks
  • A practical assessment dive where the candidate will be assessed on cutting procedures and cutting skills


  • Safe burning practices and procedures
  • Correct equipment selection
  • Correct burning rod selection
  • Safe Oxygen handling
  • Correct power source amperage and equipment testing 
  • Equipment set-up and pre dive testing 
  • Correct oxygen regulator pressure setting 
  • Equipment testing and check lists
  • Trouble shooting equipment
  • Equipment Maintenance


Candidate must hold a valid industry recognised commercial diving certificate (surface supplied diver or saturation diver) and a valid in-date diving medical certificate.


A minimum of five (5) divers is required to run this course while maximum at eight (8). KBAT have the right to cancel the course should this minimum number is not met.


Candidates will have to perform 6 cuts underwater on metal of varying thickness and shapes, flat steel and tubular pipes. Assessment cuts will have to be completed within a timed period and have a limited number of burning rods to perform the cut.

Upon completion of the course, candidate will receive KBA Training Centre certificate of training entitled “Underwater Oxy Arc Cutting (Burning) Course”.

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Course Flyer  Application Form

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Course Schedule

Singapore Full Time (5 days)
TBC contact us for 2019 course schedule
SGD $5377.80
Singapore - Full Time (5 days)
TBC contact us for 2019 course schedule
SGD $5377.80

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