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Workshop For Company CEO/Top Management (bizSAFE Level 1)

About this Course

This course meets the requirement for companies seeking accreditation from WSH Council as a bizSAFE Level 1 enterprise. Participants are either CEO or top management team (limited to top 3 tiers of the company's management hierarchy) tasked with the responsibilities to provide WSH leadership and resources. WSH Policy is the first step in the bizSAFE journey.


By the end of this course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand of the WSH Act and its subsidiary legislations including Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations and Code of Practice on Workplace Safety and Health Risk Management (RMCP)
  • Learn the concept of bizSAFE
  • Understand the role they play towards cultivating good safety culture in the workplace
  • Prepare your very own WSH Policy


The contents of the course are:

  • Overview of WSH Act and subsidiary legislation
  • Introduction to Risk Management concept, bizSAFE concept (including roles and responsibilities of RM Champion and WSHMS Programme Lead)
  • How to create a conducive safety culture in the company
  • Financial planning; balancing profitability and safety in the organization. Business case studies, tangible and intangible consequence of an accident
  • Individual Assignment / Group Discussion
  • Official endorsement of the company's WSH Policy


  • Top management, owner of the company
  • Director, CEO, Managing Director, General Manager
  • Limited to top 3 tiers of the company's management hierarchy


This course is delivered full-time 3 hours


A maximum of 20 participants per class.


Participants are to formulate and endorse their Company WSH Policy.


This course is approved by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

This course is also presented as an in-company package. For details on the course fees, dates and other information, please contact us.


Develop a WDA Risk Management Implementation Plan (bizSAFE Level 2).


 Mode of Study  Full-time
 Course Fees  SGD$ 155.61 (exclusive of GST)

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Course Schedule

Singapore Full Time (0.5 day)
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SGD $155.61 Apply
Singapore - Full Time (0.5 day)
TBC contact us for 2023 course schedule
SGD $155.61

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