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Health & Safety Training

NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Health & Safety

Course Location & Details: Indonesia - BANDUNG - Full Time (5 days + 0.5 day exam) + FREE EAW E-LEARNING ACCESS
Course Date: 09 July 2018 to 21 July 2018
Total Fees Payable: USD $2775.00 (Course Fees)
+ USD $0.00 (Registration Fees)
+ USD $315.00 (Exam Fees)
= USD $3090.00


Candidates with work experience in any industry and any discipline for more than 3 years can register automatically for the course by clicking APPLY NOW. 


Candidates with limited work experience can also register by sending their CV to safetyadmin1@kbassociates.org for verification and approval.

This course is conducted via our Indonesian partner Phitagoras.

For this course, you will be redirected to another website for registration. Please click here to register.