Training Competency (Mobile Application)

Learning doesn’t stop after the classroom training ends, as skills and knowledge fade overtime with lack of ‘doing it’ or practising. Therefore, keeping your skills current is crucial in staying employed in certain careers, and strengthening your skills will aid you in the following:

  • Building confidence: To handle any tasks when emergency arise
  • Staying flexible and enthusiastic: To keep abreast of the latest trends or development
  • Becoming more efficient and productive: Not only on personal performance but to the overall team performance.
  • Making a better contribution to your team: Sharing among the co-workers and supporting one another.
  • Becoming more valuable at work: Increases your opportunity of promotion and stays marketable.

With that in mind, KBAT has looked into developing more mobile applications for our various training programme to aid learners in their learning, and supporting them so that they can excel at work.