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Gauge Calibration Course

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23 Mar 2018
SGD $580.00

About This Course

One day course covering all the elements involved in pressure calibration.


  • To enable participants to have the knowledge in performing calibration of pressure sensing equipment.
  • To understand the limitations and guidelines of performing pressure calibration.
  • To be competent and confident in all aspects of gauge calibration.


Consists of theory, calibration standards, terminology and background information. Work safety in relation with high pressure calibration gases or liquids will also be covered in the course. A significant part of the course will enable the students to have plenty of ‘hands on’ time, using various calibration instruments.


Competency Development for technicians; providing formal training in elements of technicians work tasks. This course is one of several technician competency development courses available at KBAT.


Technicians from any industry, supervisors, Life Support Technicians, divers, technical managers.


The course is open to all who would like to learn more about pressure calibration or need to perform gauge calibration in their normal duties.


Delegates who have successfully completed and passed the practical assessment will be awarded with KBA Training competency certificate.

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Student Testimonials

  • "Well explained"Christian Lucetti
  • "The trainers’ training method was very good & interactive.  Overall very good & keep up your good service towards learners"George V V
  • "I enjoyed the’hands on’ and being able to ask many questions"Salman Rashid
  • "Hand on & practical were the most enjoyable part of the course"Tang Kok Yong
  • "I enjoyed the full content of the course"Barry Gander
  • "I enjoyed the hands on & sharing of information"Raymond Chua
  • "I enjoyed using the latest technology in gauge calibration"Mark Dalton
  • "I learned, understood and increased my knowledge of calibration"N.A. Visnawathan
  • "Now i have the knowledge about calibration and how to do it properly." - Le Duc Hanh
  • "We learnt to calibrate from different gauge calibration devices. I enjoyed it’S.Vigneshwarasai
  • "The ability to use different types of gauge calibration devices which are used in the industry."Patrick Seifert
  • "Good & friendly atmosphere & good confidence building."Laxman Singh Rathore
  • "I enjoyed the practical & using the equipment, which gives a better understanding" Mohd Zaini Berkit
  • "I enjoyed the process of the lesson (theory), then the practical. I gained more knowledge" Lam Shya Haur
  • Practical, hands-on” – Thein Aung
  • Professional training” – Li Yuan Feng
  • "I liked using the different gauge calibration equipment" Robin Yeates
  • "Hands on" - Konstantinos Dogkas
  • "Use of different calibration equipment. Good exposure" Tan Yongcheng
  • "Hands-on." William Ong
  • "Well run & presented course & very informative." Robbie McCulloch
  • "Very detailed explanation & hands-on all equipment. Instructors very helpful. I enjoyed the course throughout."Thomas Laik