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High Pressure Regulator Maintenance Course

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22 Mar 2018
SGD $580.00

About this Course

This one day course covers all aspects of high pressure regulators. Students will learn how to dismantle, service, re-assemble & maintain various models of high pressure regulators commonly in use in the diving industry & many other industries.


  • To enable participants to confidently service and repair high pressure regulators in common use in industry.
  • To understand the uses, limitations and specifications of different regulators and attain a high level of competence.


Consists of theory, regulator terminology, background information, settings and ‘trouble shooting’. A significant part of the course will enable the students to have plenty of ‘hands on’ time.


Competency Development for technicians; providing formal training in elements of technicians work tasks. This course is one of several technician competency development courses available at KBAT.


Technicians from any industry, supervisors, Life support technicians, divers, technical managers.


The course is open to all who would like to learn more about the use, servicing and maintenance of high pressure regulators.


Delegates who have successfully completed and passed the examination and practical assessment will be awarded with KBA Training competency certificate.

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Student Testimonials

  • "A lot of types of regulator for practice." Cao Huy Phong
  • "I enjoyed the practical."Thant Zin Oo
  • "I enjoyed the course being specific to the regulators being used (in the diving industry)." Alex Moris
  • "Practical. Hands on’" Al-Nur Haji Kamis
  • "Hands on and good class size"Neil Anthony Shawyer
  • "Thorough understanding of high pressure regulators"Barry Gander
  • "I enjoyed taking the regulators apart"Mark Dalton
  • "I most enjoyed the stripping down of the regulators" Jonathan
  • "I like the practical that I do. I enjoy it because I learn here (at KBAT)." Sivakumur Vignesharasai
  • "I enjoyed the instructors illustrative attitude & interest in teaching & clearing any doubts."Laxman Singh Rathore
  • "I enjoyed the ‘hands on’ work which makes it easier to learn."Patrick Seifert
  • "Good course. Practical." – Dang Ngoc Duy
  • Good level of theory & then hands on” – Robert D McCulloch
  • Good content & good instructor” – Ian Englebrecht
  • I enjoyed getting a better understanding of the theory of regulators & causes of common faults” – Adam Watt
  • All sections well clear & understood by hands-on.  Will link up friends to join the course” – Thomas Laik
  • "I enjoyed having plenty of hands-on and troubleshooting with the regulators" – Tony Read
  • "Variety of regulators" – Ernst L Hugo
  • "I enjoyed the practical session" – S Kanesarhuban
  • "Very well instructed with good training aids. Will strongly suggest to my peers."Ben Sibley
  • "Hands-on experience." Shaun Davison