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SGD $750.00

AVAILABLE in UK, Aberdeen. Click Here for more information.

About This Course ~(SDU 14 points available, Pending approval for SDF Training Grant) IOSH Accident Investigation Certificate

This course aims to provide employees with an understanding of the importance of accident investigation, the methods adopted in investigating accidents, the importance of reporting and understanding how to react to ensure effective reporting.

Formally IOSH Accident Investigation


Upon successful completion of the course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand why we care about investigation – Moral, economic and legal
  • Explain about Health and Safety at Work Laws (as per country or ILO)
  • Discuss The traditional approach to investigation
  • Review Loss control programmes
  • Understand failures in human performance – errors and violations
  • Be able to practically investigate incidents using a determined methodology
  • Be able to use the loss causation model and methodology in order
    - Be able to gather information including carrying out interviews
    - Be able to sort information into the 4P methodology
    - Be able to complete a basic 5 why or mind map and find the critical underlying causes
    - be able to complete a bowtie to determines the costs, causes, failures and control measures
    - be able to summarise findings on a root cause analysis software (RCA)
  • Understand which accidents should be investigated and the difficulty in getting them reported
  • Understand what goes into an Incident investigation report form
  • Be able to write SMART objectives to go in the RCA
  • Be able to write an Executive summary for Final incident report


This two day course covers 10 modules:

  • Introduction – why we care – Moral, economic and legal
  • Health and Safety at Work Laws (as per country or ILO)
  • The traditional approach to investigation
  • Loss control programmes
  • Failures in human performance – errors and violations
  • Investigations of accidents
  • Using the loss causation model
  • Which accidents should be investigated
  • Accident investigation report form and SMART objectives
  • Executive summary for Final accident report


All individuals expected to be involved in the investigation team process.


Delegates who attended & successfully completed both the practical & written assessments will be awarded the Accident Investigation Certificate, issued by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in the UK.

FUNDING ~ Applicable for Singaporean & Permanent Residents only

  • Pending approval for Skills Development Fund (SDF) Training Grant (eligibility criteria apply). *Final grant amount subject to WDA approval.
  • Pending approval for SkillsFuture Credit. Click Here for more information.

Safety Development Unit (SDU) points under the Continuing Professional Development Programme

Applicable for Singapore Registered Safety Officers

Upon successful completion of training, WSH Officer can apply for 14 SDU points as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program under Category A1(b) approval code reference CPD/106/A1B/007.


This course can be tailored to reflect your organisation's system of work. It can also be presented as an in-company package at your company's facility and/or preferred location. For further details such as corporate rates and schedules, please contact us.

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Student Testimonials

  • "Interactive and course work for better understanding." - Raymond Lee
  • "Very engaged and good trainer." - Elamaaran Balakrishnan
  • "Very good examples / relevancy used. Melissa is wonderful and perfect!" - Ahmad Lee
  • "Informative and we were engaged by Melissa (trainer)." - Shaharuddin Othman
  • "Enjoyed the team work and interaction with other trainee." - Anonymous
  • "It was a very good training course. Thank you for an informative session" - Thodsapol Chadchavalpanichaya (PPT Energy Solutions)
  • "Informative and enjoyable course." - Lim Wei Yuan Desmond (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "Action-based learning activities that requires brainstorming & fact finding." - Anonymous (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "Trainer very lively. Keeps us awake." - Nur Faezah Binte Alwi (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "Get to understand more on Incident Investigation.” - Kok Weng Kheong (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • “The instructor was great in sharing the information.” - Anonymous (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "Structured investigation techniques." - Ang Chin Tiong (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • “Structured and organised.” - Chan Yoke Foon (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • “The lecturer make the course very interesting.” - Lee Yew Fei (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "I enjoyed because of the trainer. Melissa is lively and the first time I did not feel sleepy after lunch. Enjoyed every minute of it." - Mak Kok Nam (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "Informative, well learned and experienced trainer. Melissa knows her stuff well." - Francis Yap (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "Interesting and engaging trainer with relevant topic." - Sean Yu Ming Gabriel (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "The case study provides good understanding of topic." - Lee Yam Lim (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "Very easy to understand material." - Mona Ng (SBS Transit Ltd)
  • "The activities and interactive sessions were very beneficial in achieving the course objectives." - Mabel Wang
  • "The tempo of the course is very active such that you are always kept on your toes." - Anonymous
  • "Good delivery and knowledgeable trainer." - Jonathan Eades
  • "Interactive –not sitting down all day." - Alex Forth
  • "Melissa’s method of training really increases the participant’s interest in the subject and she is able to engage with the participants." - Lim Ping
  • "Good interaction between course mates and also trainer." - Anonymous
  • "Clear and concise coverage of course syllabus." - Amanah Loh
  • "Very passionate trainer. Explains concept clearly." - Kng Beng Kee
  • "Trainer is very good and knowledgeable. She gave very clear explanation." - Joey Ho
  • "Thank you for the great 2 day course! It provided a very structured and systematic means of investigating an accident. You have managed to put across the importance and the methodology for the investigation of accidents and incidents." - Tan Thong Meng
  • "All good. Everything leads to a total course objective. Workshop activities created great interaction and a hands-on feel. Awareness and level of involvement increases." - Chew Yun Keng
  • "Systematic approach in learning the IOSH methodology." - Chow
  • "Instructor very knowledgeable, everything on track and interesting." - Chris Clegg
  • "Interactive practical workshop exercises made the course interesting." - Mike Davey
  • "The lecturer was dynamic and held my attention, never board and made one think." - Andrew Watermeyer
  • "Very well presented and informative." - Richard Brooks
  • "The interaction of the members and the excellent presentation from Melissa Ashwell (trainer)." - Kurt Kozakiewicz