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About Our Online E-learning

Through the continuous feedback and in-depth understanding, is the result of a revamped E-learning platform with training courseware specially designed to enable learner to engage interactively with content for both academic and workforce learning purposes.

Benefits of Online / E-learning


Self-paced courses that enables learner to access training at any time (24/7) or any location, even in remote sites.


The syllabus and training courseware is delivered in a consistent manner as anyone attending the classroom training.

Time and Budget

Organisations preferred E-learning to save training time and travel costs associated with classroom training.

Low Environment Impact

By leveraging on online learning, the need for course book or paper-based assessments is eliminated.


Multimedia System

Multimedia with the usage of illustrated graphic, photo, audio, video and animation to achieve the learning objectives.

Interactive Quizzes and Case Studies

Making learning fun and at the same time to build on learners’ knowledge.

Guided Modules

With bite-size elements, it can be digested more effectively and results in better learners’ engagement.

Full Tutor Support

Designated tutor with on-going feedback to ensure learner’ progression.

Practice Test

True/False questions and mock examination to promote learning.

Online / E-learning Courses Available

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