KBAT Diver Medic Training Competency APP

About this mobile application: This Diver Medic Technician Continuous Personal Development mobile application (APP) is developed with the aim to help Diver Medic Technicians (DMTs) to maintain their competence. As medical skills fade overtime with the lack of practice, it is crucial to stay current and this APP will allow DMTs to keep updated of the latest procedures, how procedures are done, check out the industry documents and various short quizzes (to test and refresh your knowledge).


Suitable for diver medic technicians, offshore medics, medics and individuals who wish to refresh their skills and knowledge.


  • Refresh, Review and Repeat: Staying current with your skills and knowledge builds your confidence and allowing you to become more proficient when you find yourself requiring to use the skills.
  • Regular Updates: Look forward to new information (i.e. best practices) so as to enhance your learning. Regular updates, videos, lessons shared will be loaded to enhance your knowledge and competency.
  • Access Anytime and Anywhere: Learning on mobile devices or computer at your own time and convenience.
  • Rich multimedia with the use of illustrated graphics, animations, and videos of practical scenarios
  • Download the modules offline via the APP and learn it on the go.


  • Free Trial: Valid for 5 days of usage with limited access.
  • Full Access:
    - One year subscription: S$250 + GST, amount will be deducted from your next Refresher training.
    - Two year subscription: S$500 + GST, amount will be deducted from your next Refresher training.

Sign up and complete the content each year. Should any former or current DMT student of KBAT return for their IMCA Diver Medic Technician Refresher training, or having lapsed their DMTR schedule and have to complete a full DMT training course, KBAT will offset the amount that have been paid for the APP against their next course fee. This is to support individuals who are motivated to stay current on life saving skills by using the APP and saving costs on their Diver Medic training course.

NB - Student must have completed the full programme and content of the 'KBAT Diver Medic' APP prior to attending KBAT's DMT/DMT refresher courses. This offer is only valid for delegates who have previously completed the full DMT/Refresher training.