Emergency Oxygen Provider

About This Course

This course is ideal to supplement workplace training where potential risks such as incidents, illnesses or trauma and supplemental oxygen is highly desirable. It is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency oxygen to a ill or injured patients until more advanced medical help can be obtained; ability to understand the hazards associated with oxygen use and to practice safe handling techniques. 

Course Content

  • Integrating the use of Emergency Oxygen
  • Emergency oxygen delivery device
  • Emergency Oxygen for breathing/non-breathing patient
  • Oxygen equipment assembly and disassembly
  • Special considerations for emergency oxygen use
  • Emergency oxygen / Talk through scenario


Who should attend? 

Participants who required a recognised oxygen administration and those with a keen interest on First Aid skills.


What are the benefits?

This qualification is beneficial to individuals where it helps to gain confidence and competence in using emergency oxygen equipment in a medical emergency. Essential for workplace training, where providing supplemental oxygen early in the case of emergency can make a significant difference. 


How is it assessed?

Candidates will be assessed through Practice Questions and a Final Assessment. Upon successful completion, candidates will be awarded an e-certificate from KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd valid for 1 year.


This course is also available as an in house (upon request) - dedicated course for your personnel.