Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

About the course:

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) is a primary function for safe diving operations when working on or nearby an energy source. The energy source can be hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, Suction / Discharge, differential pressure (DELTA P), stored energy or environmental power such as tidal stream (on rotating propellers). If it is not isolated and LOTO correctly, it will injure or potentially kill the diver. When a robust LOTO system is used, diving operations can be carried out with the assurance that the hazard has been isolated and it is safe to dive. There are however, several steps to a robust LOTO system. This course will take you through these steps and will enable you to implement a safe system of work and LOTO System at your work site.


  • Lock Out Tag Out, danger zones and isolation
  • The Lock Out Tag Out procedure
  • Sea Chest (Loto Procedure)
  • Failures of isolation and LOTO
  • Your role as a Diving Supervisor


The course has been designed for anyone who is involved with commercial diving operations where hazards of energy sources are identified. These personnel will be Client Representative, Regulator Authorities, Work Site Engineer, Permit to Work Authorised Signatory, Diving Superintendents, Diving Supervisors, Project Managers, Vessel Masters, Chief Engineers, Dynamic Position Officers (DPO’s), Safety Representatives, Divers, Diving Contractor Management Teams


This course is beneficial for Commercial Divers working inland/inshore or offshore, companies in the marine, shipbuilding and ship husbandry industry who are required to understand and be aware of the risks and dangers they are exposed to in a diving operations and the importance of a robust LOTO system.


Candidates will be assessed through Practice Questions and a Final Assessment (achieving at least 75%). Upon successful completion, candidates will be awarded an e-certificate from KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd .

This course is also available as an in house (upon request) - dedicated course for your personnel.