IOSH Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety + IOSH Managing Safely® (Bundle Course)

IOSH Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety

This course is conducted in an exclusive agreement with Behavioural Safety Services Training


About the course:

The only Behavioural Science course to be approved by IOSH

The way we approach safety, health and wellbeing has to change. Only then will we start to see a shift in people’s attitudes, behaviour and performance.

How? By starting to think more like innovative creative professionals who understand the value of applying the principles of behavioural science to performance. They inspire people and capture their imagination by engaging them with narratives that change the way they think and feel about things.

About the programme

  • Fully online course, taken at your own pace and within the comfort of your own office
  • Six engaging and thought-provoking modules
  • Online learning platform; interactive and easy to use
  • The only online Behavioural Science and Performance programs approved by IOSH
  • Meaningful practical guidance and exercises on how to apply the learning to your own environment
  • End of course assessment; 14 multiple-choice questions and reflective statement
  • An IOSH certificate will be awarded to each successful delegate

IOSH Managing Safely®

About This Course: The overall aim of this course is for candidates to acquire knowledge and practical skills to manage competently, the health & safety issues at their workplace and to international accredited levels.

This Managing Safely course is designed for managers and supervisors, of any organisation or sector. It is full of step-by-step help you'll find that the highly innovative format and content inspires delegates - critical to getting essential health and safety messages across. 

The course will take 24-30 hours and offers health and safety management basics. The animated videos and easy to read materials make it fun and engaging. You'll find everything you need in the pack including interactive activities, quizzes and practice questions. Work through each element and section in order reading, watching videos, reading extra PDF materials before trying the quizzes and assessments. There are a number of activities relating to the workplace which are not only essential to learning but at the end of it you will have a safer workplace.


At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Apply basic management principles and practices to health & safety issues as part of a total business strategy
  • Set practical health and safety objectives, plan and implement courses of action to achieve those objectives
  • Recognise safety and health hazards present in the workplace
  • Ensure adequate information, training and supervision is provided
  • Investigate incidents and take remedial action
  • Understand and implement their legal responsibilities

Course Content - IOSH Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety

Module 1 - Safety Leadership

  • Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Effective Traits
  • Building Culture
  • End of module quiz

Module 2 - Avoiding Failure or Creating Excellence

  • Swiss Cheese or Iron Filings?
  • End of module quiz

Module 3 - Key Drivers of Behaviour

  • Impact of Language
  • End of module quiz

Module 4 - Behavioural Science relating to safety performance

  • Self Determination Theory
  • Growth Mindset
  • Self Talk
  • Coaching and Mindfulness for Safety
  • End of module quiz

Module 5 - ABC Analysis

  • Innovative antecedents
  • Practical applications
  • End of module quiz

Module 6 - Goal Setting

  • Sustainable excellence
  • 10-20-70 principle
  • End of module quiz
  • End of course assessment



Typically 4-6 hours but there is plenty more content available for those that like to dig deeper into the wider academic literature and research papers that are made available.

Most delegates tend to progress through the course in bite sized chunks over a week or two.


Yes, the entire course can be completed online from the comfort of your own environment, including the official IOSH test.


The final test consists of 14 questions which are mostly multiple choice. The final question is a structured reflection statement regarding the 4 key things that delegates have learned as a direct result of completing the program.

You will be required to develop a learning journal during the course and submit it for final assessment.

Something that you will KEEP doing, something to IMPROVE, anything you might need to STOP doing and then something new that you or your organisation will START doing differently.


Your certificate is posted out to your home or workplace location worldwide (where possible).  We can also scan the certificate and email a copy to you if you prefer.

COURSE CONTENT - IOSH Managing Safely®

The course comprises of seven core modules:

  • Principles of accident prevention
  • The costs of accidents
  • Common and statute law (UK Based)
  • Health and safety management systems
  • Safety management models and risk management
  • Workplace hazards, such as fire, electricity, COSHH, noise and work equipment
  • Accident causation and investigation
  • Effective communications
  • Audit and review

This assessed course will cover the application of recognised management principles in health and safety and will equip the delegate to tackle the issues in their own work place.

Delegates must allocate sufficient time after the course for completing a workplace based assignment.


The course is designed for anyone (managers, supervisors, team leaders) who has responsibility for "managing" health and safety and needs a OHS qualification; anyone requiring a broad basic based knowledge in health and safety or has a need to develop practical safe systems of work.


This course is assessed by:

  1. A short written/objective multiple-choice paper.
  2. A workplace based written assignment in English.

Delegates who attend and successfully complete both the practical and written assessments, will be awarded the Managing Safety certificate issued by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in the UK.

The practical assessment must be completed in the delegate's workplace and submitted within two weeks of completing the course. A minimum pass grade of 70% is required for certification.

Note: Tuition is in English but candidates can request their final examination in dual language. Contact us via email:


It is well recognised by all parties that time can erode both knowledge and skill. To overcome this, for delegates who took the full IOSH Managing Safely® course within the last three years, IOSH is now recommending that they sit a re-certification course prior to the end of their three-year period. For those who took the full course more than three years ago, IOSH recommends that they undertake the full 3-day course.