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NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification

About This Course

The new NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work qualification is a one-day training that introduces your workforce to the environmental issues and the role they play in improving organisational environmental performance.

This is an ideal first step towards other NEBOSH qualifications for those who need a more extensive and practical understanding of environmental management in the workplace.

Course Content

On completion of this element, candidates should be able to demonstrate understanding of the content through the application of knowledge to familiar situations. In particular, they should be able to:
  • ¬†Outline the principles and practice of impact (risk) assessment
  • Identify the main sources, types, controls and impacts of air pollution
  • Identify the sources, controls and impact of water pollution
  • Identify the main coursces, controls and impacts of environmental noise
  • Identify waste types
  • Identify the waste hierachy and ways to effectively manage waste
  • Outline the measures that need to be in place when dealing with environmental emergencies

Who Should Attend?

This qualification is aimed for anyone who needs a basic understanding of environmental issues in the workplace. It provides a general awareness of environmental issues and is ideal for employees at all levels within the organisation.

Assessment and Certification

Learners will be assessed through a written examination. Unit EAW1 is a taught unit, assessed by a thirty-minute multiple choice examination. Each examination consists of twenty mandatory questions (1 mark each) with one correct and three incorrect responses available per question. Each examination paper covers the whole unit syllabus with at least one question per unit element and all questions are compulsory.

Once learners have achieved a Pass in Unit EAW1, they are deemed to have passed the overall qualification. The only grade available for successfully completing this qualification is ‘Pass’.

Once a learner has achieved a Pass, they are normally considered to have completed the qualification and an overall qualification parchment will be issued within 20 working days of the confirmed date of the passed unit. However, once the results has been issued, the learner has 20 working days from the confirmation date of the unit to submit an Enquiry About Result (EAR) request.

A learner can re-sit if a ‘Refer’ result is received. There is no limit on the number of times a learner can re-sit a unit. Learners must register and pay the current fee/s by the registration closing date for the relevant examination sitting. Learners who regiter for the Award in Environmental Awareness at Work whilst awaiting a result from a previous sitting of an assessment of the same qualification may not seek a refund of the registration fee if they retrospectively claim exemption from the qualification, subsequent to the issue of the awaited result.

In-House Training

This course can be tailored to reflect your organisation’s system of work. It can also be presented as an in-company package at your company’s facility and/or preferred location. For further details such as corporate rates and schedules, please contact us.

Learning Options

Full Time Learning / Virtual Learning

Full Time training will be delivered face to face over a 1-day period with examinations on the final day.

E-Learning / Distance Learning

E-learning is delivered via our interactive portal. Remote learning with option to extend access. To register, click on the E-Learning link. 
For more information, contact us

Course Fees

Full Time Learning / Virtual Learning

Course Fees: SGD$ 415.89
Exam Fees: SGD$ 72.60
Total: SGD$ 488.49 (exclusive of GST)

E-Learning (6 months with option to extend)

Course Fees: SGD$ 150.00
Exam Fees: SGD$ 72.60
Total: SGD$ 222.60 (exclusive of GST)

For More Information

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