Posted: 09 Dec 2022

Singapore: Increase in GST from 7% to 8%

Tag: Announcements

As with the government’s announcement during Budget 2022, there will be an increase in GST rate from 7% to 8%, with effect from 1 January 2023. In preparation for the upcoming changes, please take note of the following to facilitate the processing of your registration(s) and invoice(s):

GST Rate Change for Consumers (iras.gov.sg)

Scenario (applicable for courses starting 01 January 2023 onwards)

Action to take

Registration and tax invoice raised before 31 December 2022 and payment made on/before 31 December 2022

Invoice will be charged 7% GST

Registration before 31 December 2022, but tax invoice raised and payment will be arranged on/after 1 January 2023

Invoice will be charged 8% GST

Tax invoice raised on/after 1 January 2022

Invoice will be charged 8% GST

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