Posted: 10 Dec 2014

An Encounter by our DMT student: Putting My DMT To Use

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Ken Babineau

From: Ken Babineau

Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2014 1:50 PM

To: Wayne Lee

Subject: Putting My DMT To Use


Hey Wayne,

I’ve actually meant to send this a while ago, but better late than never! Here's a story I figure you might appreciate.

After my IMCA Diver Medic Technician course, I went travelling up through Malaysia to Thailand. During my travel, I rented a scooter in Phuket, and was using it to do sightseeing in the area. I’ve planned to take a friend to visit the Big Buddha at the top of a nearby hill. When we were halfway up, we came across a scooter accident at the base of a steep hill at a bend in the road. There were two people involved and the scooter had careened off the road and through a nearby fence. The driver was laying on her back with the passenger screaming and crying kneeling next to her. The driver wasn't wearing a helmet during the accident, based on her level of consciousness and mechanism of injury, I immediately assumed a head/spinal injury.

Nobody on the scene had taken control. So, as soon as I could get off my scooter, I had her in C-spine control laying on the road. The patient’s LOC was extremely low and she looked dazed beyond anything I'd seen. I’ve suspected a major concussion. I had my friend to take over the C-spine control – having to walk her through everything because she didn't have any training. Once she had that, I went straight into the injured breathing and pulse checks, both present but weak and shallow. I did a quick rapid body survey, though suspected bruised or fractured ribs from impact, but no major bleeding thankfully.

I'd been informed that the ambulance was already on its way, so I had time to monitor the patient, took two sets of vitals and calmed the passenger down, while having some bystanders cleaned her cuts on her feet. Once the two paramedics had arrived, I realised that only one of them had proper medical training, so I was left with the responsibility of adjusting the C-collar, putting it on the patient, directing everyone to help to get the patient onto the spine board and the gurney. After that the paramedics loaded her in and headed off to the hospital. I got many thanks from all the people nearby and we continued on our way to see the Big Buddha.

Just thought that it was incredibly fortuitous timing that I had just completed my DMT a week previous before showing up on a scene like this!