Posted: 26 Sep 2017

Gearing Up Your DMAC 15 Medical Kits from The Original Source

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An Essential Life-Saving Medical Kit for Your Offshore Diving Operation TeamDMAC 15 Medical Kit

Commercial diving operations for both surface supplied and saturation diving operations are often carried out at remote locations such as offshore Asia, the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and even remote onshore worksites such as SBM’s, jetties, wharfs etc, and this remoteness poses challenges for any form of medical emergency response which may require onsite treatment or evacuation. Therefore, it is essential that appropriate medical equipment is available at the dive site. The Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) 15 Rev. 4 document provides the latest guidance (as of December 2014) and outlines the medical equipment to be held at the site of an offshore diving operation.

KBAT medical equipment and accessories has been configured in accordance with the latest DMAC 015 revision, and is now available / operational worldwide in 18 countries namely Australia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, China, Dubai, Europe,  Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Ras Alkhaima, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Vietnam, USA. Under KBAT’s medical specialistssupport, all medical items are prepacked with 100% Quality Check; ensuring each item is kept up-to-date with the latest pre-hospital care medical equipment. Moreover with the scale, it can be converted to an emergency room set up that is capable to manage and handle up to a total of 2 severe, 6 intermediate and 10 light casualties.

Currently, the KBAT DMAC Medical kit can be provided as a starter package in accordance with DMAC 15 Rev 4 (subjected to local drug restrictions) or complete with AED, O2 Provider Equipment and AMBU bag (available on request). It can also be customised to suit your organisations’ needs based on the available budget. When it is the time for maintenance or renewal of the medical items, KBAT will also alert the organisation and offer replenishment, thus making the management of your DMAC Medical kit easy and affordable.

Most importantly, the medical kit complements with the IMCA Diver Medic Technician (DMT) training, whereby all KBAT’s delegates that undergone the DMT training are trained on various emergency scenarios using the KBAT DMAC medical kit. This enables the personnel who are potentially involved in the provision of medical care during a diving situation to be familiar with the equipment set up and prevent skill fade. With a structured and complete DMAC Medical kit and trained personnel, the offshore diving team can be assured of their medical support in an emergency.

For further information regarding the purchase of DMAC 15 Medical Kit, or IMCA Diver Medic Technician training, please contact KBAT at Tel: +65 6542 4984, medic@kbassociates.orgor visit our website at www.kbatraining.org