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KIRBY MORGAN DSI Helmet & Bandmask User Operator

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Kirby Morgan Helmet & Bandmask User Operator

KMDSI Helmets and BandMask 2 Days Course

This course was developed to teach trained commercial diving personnel standardised inspection, set-up, and operation procedures for the KMDSI Helmets and BandMasks. This course is primarily intended to teach commercial divers and diving personnel standardized procedures for the use of KMDSI Helmets and Masks. "It is NOT a Repair/Technician course".

The operator / user course instructs commercial divers, tenders, and supervisors how to perform routine daily pre-dive / post-dive procedures as well as corrective adjustments and to identify equipment deficiencies, which could hamper helmet or BandMask performance and/or pose a potential hazard. The course teaches the KMDSI monthly, and daily helmet and BandMask pre/post dive maintenance, set-up, adjustment, and inspection procedures for Kirby Morgan Helmets, BandMasks and other specific associated equipment including first stage regulators, whips and gauges. Upon completion, each student will receive a two-year certification.

The course does not qualify or certify the individual to perform repairs, overhauls, or annual face port insert testing. Upon successful completion of the course and assigned tests, each student will receive a two year certification from Dive Lab (Kirby Morgan) USA initially and three years upon re-certification.

KBA Training Centre (KBAT)

Kirby Morgan DSI logo KBA Training Centre (KBAT) is now approved to instruct the Kirby Morgan DSI Helmet & Bandmask User Operator and Basic Maintenance courses for technicians. The courses consist of maintenance of yoke/neck clamp assembly, shell inspection, side block & demand valve, as well monthly and daily procedures, checklists and record keeping. Our instructors all have over 25 years in the commercial diving industry and have been trained by Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Incorporated / Dive Lab Incorporated in the USA.

All our technicians are trained to instruct on the following Kirby Morgan equipment :-

Superlite Series SL-17A/B SL-17K, SL-27, SL-17C Helmets; KM-37, KM-47, KM-57, KM-77 Helmets KMB 18/28 Band Masks; EXO 26BR, EXO Non Balanced; KMAC -5. M48 FFM Superflow 1st Stage Regulator


This course can be conducted at our training centre in Singapore, at your premises, or at any offshore location. For course fees, dates and other information, please contact us.

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Course Schedule

Singapore [TBC] Full Time (2 days)
Contact us for 2023 course schedule
SGD $920.56 Apply
Singapore - [TBC] Full Time (2 days)
Contact us for 2023 course schedule
SGD $920.56

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