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Amirruddin as Commercial Diver

Watch how Amirruddin Bin Saini chose his career path as a commercial diver. He has attended the Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training (Level 1 and Level 2 – CSCUBA Diver and SSDE Diver) Course.


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  • I enjoyed this course because I learn a lot, what is the proper procedure, safety precaution, rescue drills and how to do proper ascend and descent

    Ray Jones Alcaide from Commercial Diver Attended Assessment Only Pathway (AOP) SSDE Diver
  • The injury at work video and how it affects others that not only who you worked with.
    Matthew Lohnes Attended IOSH Leading Safely
  • I enjoyed the the actual hands-on using the decompression chamber.
    Chin Swee Sang Attended ISO 29990:2010 Standard Compressed Air Works Course (Medical Lock Attendant)
  • The physical activities was a good exercise and learn proper techniques to work at height.

    Dzulfiqar Attended Work-At-Heights Course For Workers
  • Enjoyed learning how to use different equipment for diving. Overall it was a fun course with the trainers and I've been well-trained.
    Mustafa Kamal Attended Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training (Level 1 and Level 2 – CSCUBA Diver and SSDE Diver)
  • I like the most about the course is the legal responsibility of parties with regards to WAH Safety, WAH Hazard identification and different mitigation equipments and methods.

    Ho Cheng Lin Attended Managing Work-At-Heights Course
  • Very good Assessment team, knowledgeable instruction staff. The trainers were always clear of the course objectives and happy to answer any questions
    Lim Kia Liang Attended Assessment Only Pathway (AOP) SSDE Diver
  • Night dive training is good.

    Anonymous Attended Assessment Only Pathway (AOP) SSDE Diver
  • KBA make sure all dives safety is priority. Enjoy the teamwork and train by great trainers
    Soe Lin Attended Level 2 - Inland/Inshore Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diver
  • Coming from a marine background, the course content was very informative and insightful; an eye opener for me.
    Mahesan PA Attended NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil & Gas Operational Safety
  • I enjoyed the divers / rescue, compass navigation and the course is very exciting.

    Gilbert Rondovio from Commercial Diver Attended Assessment Only Pathway (AOP) SSDE Diver
  • Interaction, sharing experience & very knowledgeable. I enjoyed every part of the course
    Brijesh Gaur Attended Dynamic Positioning (DP) Awareness Training
  • One of the best teaching institutes. Thank you Alan for making things easy to remember for the calculations.
    Sanjay Singh Attended IMCA - Trainee Air Diving Supervisor
  • Very detailed explanation & hands-on all equipment. Instructors very helpful. I enjoyed the course throughout.
    Thomas Laik Attended Gauge Calibration Course
  • Everything was great and the instructor was spot-on!
    Nathan Dsouza Attended Competency Development - Dive Technician Course

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