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Alexey Kuznetsov

Check out why Alexey who is currently a commercial diver chose to undertake his KMDSI Helmet course and IRATA Rope Access training with KBAT.

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IRATA Students

Check out what our students are saying about IRATA Industrial Rope Access Course

Testimonial Highlight Three
Amirruddin, Commercial Diver

Watch how Amirruddin Bin Saini chose his career path as a commercial diver. He attended the Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training (Level 1 and Level 2 – CSCUBA Diver and SSDE Diver) Course.


Read what our students say about our courses

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  • Very informative as to what is required to oversee diving operations as mandated by authorities.

    Abdul Rahman Fathli Attended Commercial Diving Safety Awareness Course
  • I liked using the different gauge calibration equipment
    Robin Yeates Attended Gauge Calibration Course
  • I enjoyed the learning process as the lecturer you have is amazing & very helpful. The course is very good.
    Sandeep Pratap Singh Attended IMCA - Trainee Air Diving Supervisor
  • I enjoyed the interaction between instructors and students, sharing of their experiences to enrich the course materials. The instructor Daniel is able to clarify and explain key concepts in a memorable and digestible manner, while Rudy bridges theory with practical well; they were able to complement each other well.

    Gwee Kang Qiao Attended Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training (Level 1 and Level 2 CSCUBA Diver and SSDE Diver)
  • The facilities are good and staff are very friendly and supportive.

    Teo Guan Kiat Attended Manage Work At Height Course
  • Virtual Learning feedback: Very good and perfect set-up.

    Allan Nino Attended IMCA - Trainee Air Diving Supervisor
  • I learn something new all the time and the deep dive is fun! The trainer (Daniel) is awesome!

    Anonymous Attended Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diver
  • Brayden CPR mannequin was an added plus experience. It helps in making or doing CPR more efficient. It is a very good and informative course.

    Mohd Fareed Akhtar Bin Abdul Hamid Attended IMCA - Diver Medic Technician REFRESHER (DMTR)
  • The physical activities was a good exercise and learn proper techniques to work at height.

    Dzulfiqar Attended Perform Work At Height Course
  • A lot of types of regulator for practice.
    Cao Huy Phong Attended High Pressure Regulator Maintenance Course
  • The instructor made the course enjoyable and was very informative. The facilities are good!
    Gautam Rao Attended IMCA - Trainee Air Diving Supervisor
  • The confidence it gave me with regards to the audit process.
    Kurt Ackermann Attended Diving System & ROV System Assurance Training Course
  • I enjoyed the rescue drills, it's good for us in future if we are facing the situation. I get to meet old friends and share lots of our experiences to the newbies in the class.

    Shamus Nirzan Attended Commercial Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CSCUBA) Diver
  • The trainer was very interactive and have given lots of examples and scenario.

    Allan Ross Attended Occupational First Aid Course
  • I enjoyed gaining more knowledge.

    Mohamad Nazri Attended IMCA - Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor

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